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Short Sellers Give Up

Today we Cover $WALD, $HYZN, $DNA, and more… While De-SPACs may have seemed like easy targets for short-sellers a few months ago, the combination of strong results and great execution has made it a very costly bet. As the Q3 earnings season continues, a biotechnology company and a hydrogen

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Bill Spacman

Second Wind

The Daily Dish (08/19/21) Sportradar Files for IPO After SPAC Deal Falls Apart Sportradar Group is making its IPO dreams a reality after talks for

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Bill Spacman

The Daily Meme (1/27/21)

AMC GME – Nothing else exists Welcome to the Daily Dish. Every morning in your inbox subscribers receive some Dishes that we find interesting and

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Bill Spacman

SPACs Outperform in Q3

Today we cover $SOFI, $PAYO, $UTAA, and more… As the earnings season kicks into full gear, SPACs are delivering better than expected earnings and continue

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Lordstown Stays Afloat

The Daily Dish (10/01/21) Lordstown Motors Shares Surge After Foxconn Factory Deal Shares in Lordstown Motors were up as much as 21% as the company

SPACs are Back with a Bang 💥

Today we Cover $ACEV, $SVOK, $SV, and more … In today’s Dish, a promising Electronics Manufacturer is going public in a Mega SPAC deal that

Grab a Few Deals

Today we cover: $AGC, $GBRG, $DDMX and more… Grab Acquires 90% Stake in OVO Digital Wallet  Grab is firing on all cylinders ahead of its

Hindenburg Strikes Again

The Daily Dish (6/16/21) DraftKings Falls After Hindenburg Short Position  Shares of DraftKings fell over 7% after a short position from Hindenburg Research was released.

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Money Laundering SPAC Deal?

Today we cover $AGBA, $NKLA, $NGCA and more… SPACs have taken bizarre target companies public, but $ABGA is taking things to the next level by

Full Speed Ahead

Today we cover $QFTA, $IVAN, $AGC, and more… A battery maker has just made a breakthrough in EV Lithium-Ion batteries, leaving competitors in the dust.

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