The Lion, The Van, and the Bezos

The Daily Dish (1/5/21)

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Northern Genesis SPAC Rallies On Lion Electric-Amazon Deal Confirmation

  • A filing submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) caused some eyebrows to raise Monday morning. Lion Electric $NGA had announced that Bezos’s Behemoth Amazon has taken a position in the Canadian Electric Vehicle maker.

  • Chris Katje writes, The filing calls for the purchase of up to 2,500 Lion 6 and Lion 8 electric trucks from Lion Electric. Amazon Logistics is listed as the specified customer after being unnamed in previous Northern Genesis filings.

    Under the terms of the deal, Lion Electric is required to reserve a portion of its manufacturing capacity for up to 500 trucks per year from 2021 to 2025. The deal calls for Lion Electric to provide the greater of 500 trucks per year (or 10% of manufacturing capacity) from 2026 to 2030.

  • The SEC filing includes an option for Amazon to purchase common shares of Lion Electric at $5.66 and warrants to purchase shares at $23.36. The full vesting of the warrants requires spending by Amazon of at least $1.1 billion annually. Amazon could own 20% of Lion Electric in the future with its ownership options.

Mining Giant Robert Friedland files $200M SPAC for probable new EV SPAC

Australian Mines becoming major nickel-cobalt producer - The Market Herald

Peter Thiel’s second SPAC Bridgetown 2 Holdings files for a $200 million IPO

PPT - Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers; A peck of pickled  peppers Peter Piper picked; PowerPoint Presentation - ID:2326944
  • Thiel’s Bridgetown 1 $BTWN has been said to be in talks with Tokopedia, the Indonesian eCommerce giant. Bloomberg recent reported that Tokopedia to be holding off on its SPAC merger until after it merges with Indonesia’s second largest startup ride-hailing and payments giant Gojek. This would increase their enterprise value to around $18 Billion (currently at $10 Billion).

  • Bored of waiting for the transaction to complete, Peter picked a pipe to pack his portfolio in his second SPAC Bridgetown 2 $BTNB. This second blank check company formed by Pacific Century and Thiel Capital is also targeting new economy sectors in Southeast Asia.

  • The company is led by CEO, CFO, and Director Daniel Wong, who serves as SVP of Pacific Century Group. Directors include former Y Combinator President and current OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, RRE Ventures Partner Jay Hass, and LINE Corp CFO In Joon Hwang. The SPAC plans on targeting a company in Southeast Asia with operations or prospective operations in the technology, financial services, or media sectors. A possible SPAC in the AI industry would excite investors just as much as recent booms in the EV and eCommerce SPAC sectors.

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